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  3. Aerospace
    Titanium and titanium alloys are excellent candidates for aerospace applications owing to their high + more
    The most important property of materials used for fabricating implants is biocompatibility, followed by + more
    Titanium's superior corrosion resistance properties make it a natural choice for Chemical + more
     3D Printing material
    3D printing with titanium has been made possible by a technology new to the digital + more

    We Tipro had been involved in aerospace material supply many years.

    We have signed contract and produce titanium bars for some famous aerospace machining parts manufacturers.

    Titanium bars for Engines and turbines

    Aerospace machined parts

    Tipro aerospace titanium products:

    Titanium bars,

    Titanium billets

    Titanium blocks

    Titanium plates

    Titanium forged rings


    Tipro medical titanium products :

    Titanium bars

    Titanium wires

    Titanium plates

    Our advantages of titanium use in implant as follow:

    ISO 13485 Certified

    20 years experience in the production of titanium products for medical implant.

    Control good Microstructure and Grain Size according to ISO 5832-3, ETTC-2, ASTM E112


    3D Printing raw material

    Titanium has high strength to density ratio, and is corrosion resistant. It is biocompatible and has good bioadhesion and is hence useful in surgical implants. Titanium is expensive. Traditionally, manufacturers have incurred significant losses by the titanium wasted during manufacturing. Titanium 3D printers rule these out by reducing wastage to a minimum.

    3D printed titanium parts have been most enthusiastically received in the aviation industry
    3D printed titanium parts have witnessed great success in the medical industry
    3D printing bone impants
    3D printing aerospace parts

    ISO 13485
    ISO 14001
    OHSAS 18001